Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pizza for Breakfast

This morning my darling son woke up asking for pizza and cheese "pleeze?" I was astonished because he hardly ever eats breakfast because he still "na nas" in the morning. But I was all too happy to comply to his request. Hey if he wants pizza for breakfast he'll get it. I pulled out the whole wheat bread and the tomato sauce and topped it with two different cheeses, which my little man helped me with. He then proceeded to take out a placemat and put it at his seat. I guess he was serious about this breakfast meal. He also reminded me to say grace by placing his little hand on his head and patting away at his chest. I was so impressed that he remembered when I forgot! I guess he really is paying attention to his daddy and me when we sit down and say grace. Well I have to go play "choo choo" with my little man now!

Have a blessed Day!!!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Early morning TV?

Today has started out to be an early morning for Ross and me. The first words out of his mouth this morning at 6:00am were "Elmo." I could not believe my ears. He has just formed an interest in TV these last couple of weeks and I have limited his viewing to once at the most twice a day. So for these words to come from his mouth this morning was a shock to me. Makes me wonder if I am letting him watch TV too much during the day. I don't want him to be a couch potato. This has been something I have struggled with for most of my life. Growing up the TV was always on and I don't want him to have the same experience with it. It is such a vice for me. I want him to want to play outside and be in nature and use his very creative imagination. Maybe I am worrying too much. I guess I should just be mindful of how much he watches and make sure my day is planned out better to incorporate fun activities that involve using his creativity. Well I guess I need to start my day. I have allot of laundry which I have been dreading doing. Then comes all the other daily chores. Have a blessed day!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to my first blog.
I intend to use this blog to help collect my thoughts and ideas that I have in raising a family. I needed somewhere that I could organize all the ways I want to incorporate my Catholic faith into our daily lives at home. I hope to accomplish all this and a little more. I also would like to share all the different ways that I am bringing the Church's teachings and traditions into my domestic church.
I guess I should introduce myself now....
I am, as you have gathered by now, a Catholic wife and mother. I have been married for four years and truly believed I married a man that makes me better. At times we have our differences but we always try to live our lives according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. I am blessed to have met him and to raise a family with him by my side.
We have one darling little boy, and for the sake of further postings, I'll refer to him as "little man". He is full of "great ideas" and always keeps me on my toes. He is a very active and I enjoy every minute of it.
My world changed when I became a mother. I was so worried I was going to make the wrong decisions and then I came to the conclusion that one, I have to do things the way I feel comfortable with and two, I am not perfect! I try to do everything with love from a mother's heart. My heart is open to all the possibilities of love and of life.
I hope you Enjoy!